About US

ActiveEdge Software is a brand focused on delivering business process software for every business size. Our solutions are for large, mid-sized and small, fast-growing businesses. We cater to businesses across diverse sectors.

We provide fully customizable software to suit your company. This ensures that you have a streamlined business process.

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience and expertise in working with various industry sectors, this experience is what we bring into every customer project.

Why choose us

You will always get Best Quality, Tested and Fast Software. Our goal is to work with your company and help you achieve short, medium and long term success. Businesses trust ActiveEdge Software to build innovative software that drives revenue and helps them to a thriving digital future.

Our mission

Our mission is to help organizations achieve streamlined and efficient business processes by providing customizable software products, services and consulting.

Our experience

Desktop Application 87%
Cloud based Application 75%
Mobile Apps 60%