Mobile Apps

My Kid App

This App For Parents is fully Integrated with ActiveEdge School. It syncs Homework, Circulars, Attendance On Parents Mobile phones. It allows parents to keep track of the children’s homework, tests and assignments. It helps parents know when activities or events are near and when their child’s notes are due.  

Business One App

This App is integrated with ActiveEdge Business, it can also interact with any application provided by ActiveEdge Software. The App allows you to easily import data into the App and you can keep watching your business from anywhere, anytime. This App also allows you to manage your business relations better with Birthdays Reminders, To-Do Lists with Customer Mobile numbers. It also helps you manage and follow-up with Customer’s Balances, Bill Due Lists, Customers and Suppliers Ledgers All these are available to you on the GO! 

My Shop App

This App gives your customers the ability to purchase anything from your store. It also allows payment for goods and you can deliver to your customers. The App brings your store into the space of your customers and gives them the freedom to shop from their location. As a store owner, you can also manage and track orders. 

Order Now App

This is a web based order collection app for restaurant waiters.  Simply activate your restaurant to enable automatic synchronization among all your devices.  A waiter can collect customer orders  from visitors  over a mobile phone while moving around the restaurant. Orders will be automatically synchronized on main server as well as kitchen computer. The Chef will immediately prepare the order and waiter can efficiently deliver the order without any wastage of time. 

Web School App

This is a web based school app. Displays complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and emergency contact number.Instant alerts on any circular/notice.Instant notification and detailed view of the student attendance. Homework given by the subject teacher.Parents can view and download the progress report card on their mobile.Parents can see the complete fee information.Student was active or down today?What does student like to read?Now parents can access the school website without typing or remember the website address. Tap the link and you are there.

Mail on Mobile App

Mail on Mobile App allows you to Instantly Send Invoices, Statements, Ledgers, Delivery Notes, Purchase Orders from your desktop software to customers from your Smartphone using MOM App. We believe communication should be instant and swift with no barriers.